Cottage & Flowers

I love to draw and paint.
I love being surrounded by the beautiful countryside, where rare wild flowers herald the the beginning of spring.
Butterflies and moths emerge from hibernation to feed on the garden flowers.
Red foxes and Badgers roam the county lanes, full of foxgloves and pungent wild garlic.

I live surrounded by a wooded valley dominated by its river and Norman motte and bailey, where over two hundred red deer stags and roe deer often wonder into our riverside gardens....to rest, while in late summer they jump out of the hedgerows, into the country lanes, seeking new territory and females before the rutting seasons begins

Deer Stag

This beauty and constant inspiration..is my work....which I love!

Carole Ann is a traditionally trained, Wildlife Artist and Floral painter

Her favourite media has always been watercolour, but, some of her subjects, just cry out for the soft and rich tones of pastels or mixed media, thus, giving her well over 30 years experience.

Exhibited at many leading exhibitions, selling to galleries and privately, throughout the United Kingdom, France, Spain, Portugal, USA and China.


David Shepherd Wildlife Foundation

The Wildlife Art Society International TWASI

Marwell International Wildlife Art Society MIWAS

Southern Nature Art Exhibition

An Artist in Residence for some leading art manufacturers in the U.K. for some years.

Carole Ann still continues today...to be inspired by the beauty of the seasons and wild fleeting moments, surrounding her home....in a Devonshire cottage on the edge of Exmoor.