I love living and working here on Exmoor's National Park.
It has the most amazing nature and wildlife, with beautiful ancient woodlands, rare plants and flowers, trees of oak, beech, ash and sycamore hazel.
Medieval bridges, quick flowing rivers just steps away from me, river banks and verges that have hidden places for pretty wild plants.

We have the open moors with herds of little exmoor ponies, who look up to greet you, and then run off, once you make any indication to approach them.
Grazing black faced sheep with their heads down busily eating, and bird's of prey circling up high above.
The gorgeous coast, is not but a ride away, with its wonderful sea views, and beaches full of treasure troves......all this for me to find, love and paint!

Carole's lifelong journey of creating the magical beauty of Nature & Wildlife has been a long one, starting many years ago, as a young child in the Cotswold countryside, with a love for drawing, painting and animals.

She loves to work with the pure natural pigments of watercolour.
Applying delicate iridescent washes that build up beautifully.
She then loves to add more washes to get the effect she wants including the coppers, golds and silver pigments or maybe a little gold & silver leaf.
This makes the colours sing....and bring out amazing magical qualities, that she loves, so much!

Carole has a degree in fine Art & Illustration and Botanical Illustration.
Exhibited artwork throughout the UK.... including Marwel International Art Society, The Wildlife Art Society International, Nature in Art and Southern Nature Art Exhibition.

She has happily sold her work to private collectors in the UK, Spain, France, China and United States
Tutored workshops and Demonstrated for the Derwent Pencil Company up in Cumberland for many years.