Carole has being on a lifelong journey creating the beauty of nature & wildlife.
She loves to work with the natural pigments of watercolours, finding the delicate washes build up beautifully for her paintings, and are amazing when requiring highly detailed realism.
She also works in mixed media, adding magical qualities of gold & silver, copper & bronze pure paint and pure gold & silver leaf work.

Carole has a degree in fine Art & Illustration and Botanical Illustration.
Exhibited artwork throughout the UK.
Sold work to galleries in the UK, as well as private collectors in China, Spain and USA.


My little piece of heaven....is a gorgeous corner where the light shines true all day and where I can totally immerse myself with my paints, pencils and brushes.

When possible, I like to work from life, getting photographs for backup, and using my library of natural history books, for added reference, that I have collected over many deadicated years.

Exmoor with it's ancient woodlands, rare plants and flowers, trees of oak, beech, ash and sycamore hazel.
Medieval bridges with quick flowing rivers, banks and verges that have hidden places for wild plants and creatures.
And the gorgeous coast with sea views, full of treasure troves to find.

Each season has its magical wonders and enjoyment....and each one is a joy for me to paint!