Red Deer Stag

Late summer is when a Red Deer Stag, jumps out of the hedgerows, and into the country lane.
He stumbles, as he try's to stand...frightend, his legs go under him, the wet road, after a shower of rain, made it difficult for him to get a grip...within seconds he's got to the othe side.
I look in amazement at how big he is and how beautiful he is.... ...more

A Country Walk

On warm spring mornings, the farmland tastes of gorgeous freshness after the cold wet winter.
While summer brings the tastes of gathered harvests...grass, wheat and oats.
Later in autumn, they is mist and dew lying in between the hills, and smells heavy with decaying soil and fallen leaves.. ...more

Red Fox

Along the country lanes, a Red Fox crosses, over to the open woodlands, looking around carefully.
He looks straight at me, my eyes are transfixed on his, while he moves quickly and lowly across the road... ...more