Creative Vision

My Creative Vision is my Little Treasure Collection.
I've always loved collecting, from a young age, my little piles of bits and pieces in little boxes and jars, happily cluttered up my selves, in my bedroom.
And still now, I love to pick up seedpods, feathers, leaves, sticks, stones and shells, whenever I'm visiting little places of interest.
It can often happen while we are out, driving along the country lanes, and I have to stop, because I've seen something rather beautiful, along the roadside.

One day, I could not but notice a lovely honeybee around my flowers, and as I'd already seen a brown hare in the open fields the day before, I started to put the two together in my head, making my creation of the Hare & Honeybee
My little Wren painting, began, as a small feather blew into my studio window, just when I was about to draw a little wren, hence my Little Wren & Falling Feather.

I do believe, these things do happen for good reasons, and I will always be grateful for my little treasure collection, for inspiration and beautiful magical moments.

Little Wren & Falling Feather
My artwork always starts with a detailed drawing, followed by choosing the right colour watercolours, that complement the subject.
I love to work in a 'highly detailed realism to a looser style' that I've developed over a lifetime of painting.

My books

Most of my subjects depend on fleeting wildlife and nature moments, so I find my nature and wildlife library, steps in to help me very well!
I have collected these, over many years, and it has never let me down for reference material.

I use the very best authentic mineral pigment watercolours, painting in a detailed realism to looser style, all of my own.
I will add luminescent, interference and pearlescent washes, which are all water-soluble mediums, maybe with a little pencil detail.
And finally hand embellishment of different golds, silvers and bronze leaf or washes, if desired.
This is exciting and challenging, all at the same time, as you never know how it's going to turn out!

Hopefully I'm happy with the end result .... and ready to share with you all.

Thank you for passing by, and taking a little time to listen to me!